“You invest your trust. We turn it into change and opportunity.

The Foundation was established on 7 April 2022 by combining the efforts of two teams of volunteers. In the eight months of its existence (in 2022) we have provided assistance worth over 400,000 UAH (including the cost of donated goods), most of which was directly or indirectly transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and a slightly smaller amount was distributed among civilians and medical institutions. But there is an important detail here. The year 2022 can be considered as an impulse period of the Foundation’s existence. This is natural, because the presence of the war, which had devastated people’s lives, changed everything, and speed was an important factor in decision-making. But even then, certain principles were established that still guide the Foundation today.

1) 0% of administrative costs. This means that 100% of the money we receive from you is spent solely on providing aid. Everything else is an investment of our volunteers’ time and effort in what we believe in, and a voluntary sharing of opportunities that allow us to solve administrative issues ourselves, without involving the Fund.

2) Full transparency and accountability. We guarantee public reports on every transfer of aid, as well as individual reports for all major supporters of our programs. Trust is the only asset we value most. That means being completely open and public about what we do.

3) Focus not on the quantity of help, but on the quality of response to each individual need. Focus on an individual approach to each request.

The year 2023 was a driver of change for the Foundation. Speed and quantity had to give way to a systematic approach and clearly defined goals. We needed to visualise our own vision to understand where we were going and what our priorities were today. As a result, we shifted the Foundation’s activities to a programme-based approach. At present, the Foundation has four programmes: “SUPPORT FOR UKRAINE’S DEFENDERS”, “Support for war-affected people”, “Point of care for wounded soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine” and “SUPPORTING CHILDREN’S HEALTHCARE FACILITIES”. Each programme has its own account and means of payment, a programme manager at the Foundation, its own goal and vision. In addition, each programme may include individual projects aimed at achieving the goals set out in our global vision.


Our team believes that the most appropriate investments are in technology and medicine. Technology provides an immediate advantage on the battlefield, saving the lives of Ukrainian soldiers. Medical equipment (e.g. high-quality turnstiles) allows for immediate first aid, minimising the risk of death or amputation.

Secondly, we believe it is necessary to invest in rehabilitation and recovery opportunities for wounded soldiers (including physical and psychological rehabilitation). There is a need to create comprehensive programmes and to join forces with other foundations that have been working in this area for a long time.

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Support for war-affected people

The war has destroyed thousands of lives. The loss of loved ones, uncertainty, the need to start a new life… People need our support.

We focus on providing systematic assistance to war-affected people to meet their primary, basic needs: food, medicine, and goods for children. By addressing basic and urgent needs, primarily related to health care (treatment), we create space to focus on long-term goals that are important to each individual family. We need to become partners in the long road to recovery, which means combining material aid with information and counseling. Our aim is to build a long-term relationship based on mutual trust.

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Point of care for wounded soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The care center for wounded soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is a qualitatively new iteration of the refugee first aid center that has existed since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine and through which thousands of people have passed. Today we face different challenges, and the centre is focused on providing primary care to wounded soldiers arriving in our city by ambulance trains. The first thing we do is provide hot meals, change of clothes and essential medicines. We also support the medical staff on duty. The center’s team adapts its activities to the current situation and needs.

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Children are one of the most sensitive and vulnerable groups, especially in times of all-out war. In 2022, in response to specific requests from children’s hospitals, we provided baby food and installed water heaters in children’s intensive care units to eliminate the factor of dependence on the heating season.

As early as 2023, our Foundation was involved in long-term negotiations to supply Ukraine with an innovative French-made Simeox device that will significantly increase the effectiveness of medical interventions for patients diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. In the long term, this may also help to increase the average life expectancy of patients with this diagnosis (currently up to 24 years in Ukraine and up to 50 years in European countries, according to open-source data). We are also working intensively with doctors to ensure the functioning of the reference medical center and to meet the needs of physical rehabilitation.

We believe there are 3 key areas for investment in the program:

– Improving the effectiveness of complex medical interventions through the purchase of innovative medical equipment. Timely diagnosis of diseases, and improving the quality of life of young patients – these goals can be achieved by combining technological advances with the experience of Ukrainian doctors.

– Creation of platforms and opportunities for the exchange of experience between Ukrainian doctors and foreign colleagues in order to improve existing algorithms and approaches to children’s treatment

– Creating comfortable (autonomous) conditions for patients to stay in the hospital. A continuous supply of hot water and energy autonomy are critical in general and especially in times of war. The conditions of stay should be cozy and comfortable for each child.

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