Support for Ukraine’s defenders

The aim of the programme is to meet the need for technology and medical equipment that will provide an advantage on the battlefield and help save the lives of military personnel. Funding for initiatives aimed at the rehabilitation and recovery of military personnel
By donating here, you will make it possible to help the military performing combat missions with technology and medicine
Current balance of the program account: 0.00 UAH.

Support for people affected by war

Programme objective: to provide comprehensive support to families affected by the war
By donating here, you will make it possible to provide targeted assistance to meet the critical needs of people affected by the war. Also, you will help us to purchase tablets to enable distance learning for children from the frontline regions.
Nested projects: “Knowledge without Limits”
Balance of the program account: UAH 42.54.
Goal: at least UAH 93,990.

Care for wounded soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The aim of the programme is to provide a first line of support for wounded Ukrainian soldiers and medical personnel arriving in Dnipro. Provide basic needs (hot meals, clothing, medicines) and adapt to new needs as they arise.
By donating here, you are making it possible for the team of our care point to provide ongoing support to the wounded soldiers.
Program account balance: UAH 522.57.

Support for children’s health facilities

The aim of the programme is to combine innovative technologies with the experience of Ukrainian doctors to create new, previously unavailable opportunities for the treatment of children. To create opportunities for the implementation of new strategies and treatment approaches through the organisation of experience exchange and training events for Ukrainian doctors.
Focus on diseases that significantly affect a child’s quality of life and life expectancy, and on addressing the needs of physical rehabilitation medicine.
The program will start in the cities that have received the largest number of children evacuated from the war zone.
By donating here, you will speed up the delivery of innovative medical equipment for the hospital, which will help to influence the average life expectancy of children with cystic fibrosis.
Nested projects: “Toward the new life”
Program account balance: 1545.73 UAH.
Goal: UAH 461,300.

Adaptive allocation of funds

Here you can make a one-off donation or set up regular deductions to the Foundation’s main operating account. The funds in this account are dynamically allocated by the Foundation’s team according to the criticality of the requests.
By donating here, you will allow our team to promptly cover all support requests that come to us.
Operating account balance: 9171.99 UAH.
Goal: at least 350,000 UAH.

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